First Ark


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

All the members of our leadership team are pretty amazing! They make it possible for everyone who works at First Ark to change lives, generate social value and make a difference in everything we do. They have fantastic ideas and insight into the things which will make a real difference to people’s lives and the courage to empower the Group to transform those ideas into a reality.

Leadership at First Ark

Leadership for the Group is provided by four non-Executive Boards – one each for First Ark, KHT, Vivark and One Ark - and a Strategic Leadership group which operates across the Group. 

First Ark Board

We have four Boards and they oversee the strategic operations of the different companies in the Group to provide complete assurance for all our customers and investors.

The First Ark Board is made up of our customers and some council nominated to meet the different needs of the companies. When we have independent Board member vacancies we advertise these through our site so check out our latest vacancies if you’re interested.

All our Board members share the same commitment to creating solutions which are sustainable and really making a difference to local communities and the people who live and work in them.

Our First Ark board members are:

  • Helen White (Chair)
  • Tracey Johnson (Vice Chair)
  • Andy Orrey
  • Phil Cusack
  • John Mallalieu


Executive Directors Team

There are five members of our Executive Directors Team and they are responsible for the high level decision making and planning across the Group and ensuring that it reflects the needs of our customers, stakeholders and funders both now and in the future. As a group they are passionate about the people who live and work in our communities and creating opportunities for them. 

The members of the Executive Directors Team also think creatively and are keen to share the Group’s pioneering ideas and inventions. There’s lots of information on the site about the individual members of the group and how you can invite them to speak at events or approach with a media opportunity – you’ll be guaranteed a different view and masses of enthusiasm.