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Press releases

We regulary send out press releases on behalf of the First Ark Group.  Below are our latest releases.  If you have any media enquiries please contact Phil McNamara on 0151 290 7035

Knowsley Housing Trust is in full support of the National Housing Federation’s bedroom tax campaign and, in particular, the call to exempt disabled and other vulnerable people from the bedroom tax cuts before they come into effect on 1st April.

Bedroom tax - Letter to the editor [doc] 90KB
Bob Taylor's Open Letter against Welfare Reform Cuts - May 2013 [doc] 85KB


Bob Taylor Blog Post - The bedroom tax and universal credit don't work - it's time to try new ideas [docx] 15KB
Eyesore transformed and tenant taken out of ‘bedroom tax’ [docx] 14KB
First Ark - Green feature [docx] 40KB
First Ark Group leads push towards a fairer economy [docx] 43KB
Job seekers given extra help to find work [docx] 65KB
Regeneration transforms the lives of local families [docx] 40KB
Vivark keeps Liverpool warm with KMBC contract win [docx] 26KB

Arrears and Debt in Merseyside - joint release with Merseyside RSL's [docx] 19KB
Exciting steps cut Knowsley’s carbon footprint [docx] 48KB
Graeme Dodd appointment to Vivark Board [docx] 25KB
Two female operatives join Liverpool facilities management company Vivark [docx] 22KB
Vivark leads the way in innovation with double award nomination [docx] 24KB
Young trainees given the chance to build a better future [docx] 41KB
£14.4million housing development gives young people a career boost - Trade [docx] 42KB
‘Dynamic dozen’ experience life at First Ark [docx] 45KB


First Ark director’s call to action for housing sector [doc] 239KB
First Ark’s community work scoops top award [doc] 240KB
Hampers help vulnerable in Knowsley to keep warm [doc] 83KB
Knowsley communities to benefit from neighbourhood funding pot [doc] 88KB
One Ark brings a world of opportunities to Knowsley [docx] 47KB
The new name in home building is here - Oriel [docx] 20KB

Chris Saxton appointment to Vivark Board [docx] 22KB
Foodbanks feeding more than ever - written for Knowsley Foodbank [docx] 54KB
Innovative voids management technology scoops top industry award [docx] 23KB
KHT launch annual report on Instagram and Pinterest [doc] 84KB
Palace trip for One Ark’s Louise [doc] 400KB
Vivark announced as UK Social Enterprise Awards finalist [docx] 29KB
Vivark secures further contract win [doc] 123KB

Bedroom Tax - six months - Joing release with Merseyside Housing Associations [docx] 23KB
House of Memories training - sent by Liverpool Museum [doc] 131KB
Lord Best visits housing projects in Knowsley [doc] 32KB
One Ark launch [doc] 282KB


Couple’s new home offers new lease of life [doc] 50KB
First Ark recognises value of staff with Living Wage pledge [doc] 238KB
Innovative voids management technology shortlisted for award [doc] 122KB
KHT Community Achievement Awards [doc] 50KB
Teenage Tony scoops double award for community achievement [doc] 49KB
KHT offers helping hand to move house [doc] 48KB
Vivark keeps it local with new van fleet [doc] 119KB
Vivark wins ‘Rising Star’ enterprise award [doc] 32KB
Wayne Collins and Terry Brophy join Vivark [doc] 119KB
Young footballers put through their paces by Liverpool FC star [doc] 117KB
£800,000 for new homes in Knowsley [doc] 45KB

Apprentice Challenge Press Release Aug 13 [doc] 240KB
Liverpool Pride 2013 [doc] 234KB
Jessica Finneran hits the airwaves [doc] 47KB
KHT to build new homes on Watch Factory site [doc] 127KB
Vivark win KHT fencing contract [doc] 121KB
Vivark's Care and Repair handymen give community hall a makeover [doc] 121KB

KHT Community Day 2013 - pre event [doc] 50KB
KHT launch Community Achievement Awards 2013 [doc] 52KB
Loan Shark Awareness football match [doc] 49KB
Vivark give garden a makeover - North West in Bloom [doc] 118KB


Apprentices renovate Community Centre [doc] 80KB
First Ark shortlisted in the Sustainability Team of the Year in the BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2013 [doc] 242KB
First Ark shortlisted for Sustainable Green Award [doc] 242KB
First Ark staff raise money 'Just for Jude' [doc] 239KB
KHT launch Rising Stars competition [doc] 85KB
Northern Ireland Minister visits First Ark [doc] 242KB
Spring Online 2013 [doc] 84KB
Tiverton named in Inside Housing Top 50 affordable Housing Developments 2013 list [doc] 88KB
Vivark team up with OneServe [doc] 126KB


Easter hampers delivered to KHT residents [doc] 83KB
First Ark launch Alder Hey as Charity of the Year [doc] 238KB
KHT shortlisted for two TPAS awards [doc] 88KB
KHT's Margaret Roe shortlisted for Housing Heroes award [doc] 87KB
New opportunities to work at Vivark [doc] 119KB
Steven Gerrard launches Bluebell Park new build [doc] 88KB


Apprentices give South Avenue sheltered scheme a makeover [doc] 81KB
Benefit Roadshow - post event [doc] 87KB
Bob Taylor's budget reaction [docx] 71KB
Careers Carousel [doc] 86KB
First Ark take on new apprentices [doc] 82KB
Louise Harris - Royal Reception [doc] 82KB
Mark Meadows shortlist for Apprentice of the Year [doc] 85KB
Red Nose Day at First Ark [docx] 68KB
Warrenhouse shortlist for Green Build Awards [docx] 13KB


500 Days of volunteering [doc] 243KB
Benefits Roadshow [doc] 87KB
Donations to Willowbrook and Dogs Trust [doc] 240KB
Job Swaps [doc] 90KB
RICS Shortlist [doc] 87KB
Vivark Green Services [doc] 122KB
Vivark landscaping services [doc] 119KB


ASB Accreditation [doc] 87KB
Chip Pan Exchange [doc] 86KB
Employment and Skills Fair: After Event [doc] 241KB
First Ark put on staff conference with a difference [doc] 95KB
Kirkby Flat Conversions [doc] 87KB
LIPA and KHT perform community theatre [doc] 90KB
VIvark awarded KHT contract [doc] 122KB
Vivark Women in Construction [doc] 121KB



Bluebell Park [docx] 21KB
Bluebell Park - Trade [doc] 38KB
Bracknell New Homes [doc] 87KB
Christmas Hampers with Hollyoaks Stars [doc] 87KB
International trade Visit [doc] 94KB
Knowsley Business Awards Win [doc] 86KB
Louise Harris named Game Changer [docx] 70KB
Tenants to receive smoke alarms [doc] 24KB
Ukraine You Tube Film [doc] 120KB
Vivark New Apprentices [doc] 121KB


Amanda - Women in Construction [doc] 36KB
Duke of Edinburgh Award [doc] 83KB
Jo Whittingham - Women in Construction [doc] 32KB
Loan Shark [doc] 91KB
Movember [doc] 556KB
SHIFT Award [docx] 15KB
App Presentation [docx] 74KB
Shine Awards [doc] 148KB
First Ark YouTube Channel [doc] 89KB
Women in construction [doc] 123KB
Halloween 2012 [doc] 80KB
Huyton Regeneration [doc] 89KB


It's a Knockout [doc] 85KB
KHT Android App [doc] 84KB
New Apprentices [doc] 86KB
Sustainable Housing Awards Winner [doc] 89KB
Vivark Launch [doc] 205KB
Welfare Reform Video [doc] 93KB


First Ark employ 25 new apprentics in 2012 as part of pledge [docx] 31KB
First Ark job swaps [doc] 88KB
KHT Community Achievement Awards 2012 - post event [doc] 87KB
KHT evict nuisance neighbour Stephen Skelhorn [doc] 89KB
KHT sponsor Steven Gerrard football clinic [doc] 127KB
Ukraine trip - post trip [doc] 87KB
Womens Enterprise partnerships [doc] 88KB


Joanne Whittingham listed in top 30 young leaders list [doc] 86KB
KHT 'Save Energy Save Money' project awarded HQN acceditation [doc] 91KB
KHT celebrate 10 years with a Birthday Roadshow [doc] 84KB
KHT help Kirkby Festival [doc] 85KB
KHT join thousands at Liverpool Pride [doc] 230KB
Prescot Oasis awarded Better Places award [doc] 86KB
Tony Cahill appointment [doc] 92KB
KHT 'Save Energy Save Money' project awarded HQN acceditation [doc] 91KB
KHT set to go the Ukraine to renovate orphanage [doc] 87KB

Also see Ukraine blog on KHT website:

- http://www.k-h-t.org/main.cfm?Type=NEWSI&objectid=2893
- http://www.k-h-t.org/main.cfm?Type=NEWSI&objectid=2895
- http://www.k-h-t.org/main.cfm?Type=NEWSI&objectid=2899


Bedroom Tax advice [doc] 87KB
Bring a tin to work week [doc] 149KB
First Ark launch events app after CIH Conference [doc] 92KB
Go On Knowsley campaign is launched [doc] 88KB
Hilary Avenue case study [doc] 115KB
KHT celebrate 10th birthday with promises for next five years [docx] 75KB
KHT Community Achievement Awards - nominate your hero [doc] 401KB
Liverpool Pride - pre event [doc] 233KB
Lordens Road project wins BusinessGreen Leaders Awards 2012 [doc] 91KB
Louise Harris wins HQN mentor of the year [doc] 90KB
Dress the Office - Olympic theme [doc] 83KB


First Ark hold sub-contractor open day [doc] 95KB
Gaywood Green Eco-pods [doc] 61KB
Health and Safety Awards [doc] 89KB
KHT Community Day - post event [doc] 88KB
KHT give Bedroom Tax advice [doc] 87KB
KHT Launch KHT TV [doc] 85KB
Louise Harris - Mentor of the Year [doc] 90KB
NDC Huyton Regeneration [doc] 57KB


Active Knowsley Challenge [doc] 56KB
Bracknell Avenue new build [doc] 57KB
CIH Conference [doc] 91KB
Highfields hanging baskets [doc] 58KB
KHT Community Day - pre-event [doc] 60KB
KHT launch new app [doc] 844KB
New Huyton Foodbank centre opened [doc] 62KB
Smithy Close New Build [doc] 59KB
£50,000 available in your area [doc] 62KB


Easter hampers [doc] 58KB
KHT renew in-house maintenance contract [doc] 59KB
KHT work with Employer Pool to launch careers [docx] 15KB
New apprentices start at KHT [doc] 157KB
Oasis Rock School launched [doc] 63KB
Smarterbuys launched [doc] 57KB
Tiverton Close New build [doc] 58KB
Willowbrook launched as KHT Charity of the year [doc] 59KB
KHT launch ARC repairs scheme [doc] 57KB


Bob Taylor reaction to Budget - Growth [doc] 55KB
Bob Taylor talks about Voluntary Sector [doc] 55KB
First Ark welcome Sheila Tolley [doc] 84KB
KHT and Fire Service hold Chip Pan Swap Shop [doc] 27KB
KHT help out at Vees Place [doc] 64KB
KHT help Prescot Oasis Rock School [doc] 63KB
KHT install solar panels on homes [doc] 59KB
KHT rent increase lower than housing sector [doc] 56KB
KHT stay on top after TSA judgement [doc] 58KB
New build at Tiverton Close, Huyton [doc] 58KB


Bob Taylor speaks about Welfare Reform [doc] 58KB
CASA (Social Enterprise) celebrates its first year with help from KHT [doc] 61KB
First Ark Directors visit Foodbank [doc] 60KB
Green Apprentices [doc] 59KB
KHT declare tenancy fraud amnesty [doc] 57KB
KHT help out at Vee's Place [doc] 64KB
KHT install PV panels [doc] 59KB
National Apprentice Week [doc] 61KB


Bedroom tax campaign [doc] 58KB
Bob Taylor social investment [doc] 56KB
Bob Taylor's localism presentations [doc] 63KB
Christmas Hampers [doc] 56KB
Firearms Possession Order [doc] 59KB
How's my driving campaign [doc] 57KB



Anthony Jarvis wins Green Apple award [doc] 60KB
Breast Cancer Awareness fundraising [doc] 54KB
Halewood Park Volunteers [doc] 60KB
Hillingden development [doc] 60KB
Ian Thomson comments on FiT cuts and PV for Free scheme [doc] 26KB
Placeshapers Report [doc] 58KB
Signing of CIH Respect ASB Charter [doc] 59KB
Torrington Drive Cleanup [doc] 742KB


Bob Taylor's reaction to Chancellor's Autumn Statement [doc] 26KB
Ian Thomson says ECO cuts will hit social housing hard [doc] 26KB
Bob Taylor calls for social landlords to become more commercial [doc] 59KB
Comments on the new housing strategy - Bob Taylor [doc] 57KB
Councillor's Open Day at KHT [doc] 60KB
Knowsley Foodbank [doc] 128KB
New KHT Website [doc] 56KB
Torrington Drive cleanup [doc] 742KB
Dave Coogan wins Apprentice of the Year [doc] 59KB
ASB Awareness Day [doc] 59KB

First Ark creation press release [doc] 57KB

Press Enquiries

If you have a press enquiry, contact Phil McNamara on 0151 290 7035 or email phil.mcnamara@firstark.com

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