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Vision and values

A happy family

Vision and values of the First Ark Group

The First Ark Group consists of four companies that work together with the over-riding purpose of making a real positive difference to our communities and to people’s lives. We are as a Group committed to ‘Creating Success’.

First Ark Limited is the Group Parent organisation and you can read more about the other companies in our Group on this site or by visiting our KHTKHT Services  or Vivark sites.

Our Vision

Our shared vision within the Group is:

‘To provide quality homes and services and work with others for the lasting benefit of our communities.’

Our Values

Our values reflect our commitment to our customers and are to:

• Be fair, open and accountable for what we do

• Know and value our customers and the communities they live and work in

• Value the importance of partnerships in achieving success

• Recognise the importance of all of our employees and everyone who contributes to our success

To learn more about our Group's plans for the next five years, take a look at our First Ark Corporate Plan [pdf] 9MB

You can also read about our objectives and themes in this section.

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