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Structure and leadership

First Ark Group Chief Executive, Bob Taylor

The First Ark Group of companies consists of four companies that work together with the over-riding purpose of making a real positive difference to our communities and to people’s lives.

We are, as a Group, committed to ‘Creating Success’ with each part of the Group contributing in a different way:

  • First Ark Ltd is the parent organisation that sets and oversees Corporate Strategy
  • KHT is our successful housing association that provides homes to over 25,000 people through its 14,000 homes in Knowsley on Merseyside
  • KHT Services is a commercial company with a social conscience providing repairs and maintenance and other services to a range of clients
  • Vivark is a social enterprise that will deliver a variety of services which are currently under development

Leadership for the Group is provided by three non-Executive Boards – for First Ark, KHT and KHT Services - and an Executive Team which operates across the Group. 

You can read more about the other parts of our Group, including details of their Boards, by going to the KHT or KHT Services websites. 

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