First Ark


Fantastic Service

Fantastic Service

First Ark Group’s social business model is designed to provide world-class service to our customers. We strive to continually refine our approach to listening to what our customers want and need. Our business transformation hub then re-engineers our processes and activities so they are fine-tuned to deliver successful services.

Our Customers

We have a wide variety of customers who use our services as a Group and each of those customers, and the experience they receive is really important to us.  Providing both business to business and consumer services, often to customers who are vulnerable or in need of very personalised support services, means that we have to listen and understand their very different and complex needs.

We do this through market research and in-depth feedback methods which we have to be quick to act on.  We also like to be transparent and share the feedback we get from our customers; you can find out more on our brands’ websites.

Business Transformation

To make sure we are putting our customers at the heart of our business and are able to design our services around their needs, we have built a business transformation hub into the core of our business.  This hub is called Evolve and has achieved some great results for us and our customers already.  It will also enable us to stream our approach to change management for the future and we’ll share more as the pioneering work progresses.