First Ark


What Matters to Us

What Matters to Us

What matters the most to us is developing pioneering solutions which can help local communities and the people who live and work in them succeed. Generating social value is at the core of everything we do so we work on a local and national level to shape economic prosperity and to invest our money where it can really make a difference.

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

We're about creating success that changes people's lives.

Our Mission

We're on a mission to deliver first class homes products and services that enable people, places and organisations to flourish.

Our Values

We are a business with a difference, so we want to live our values in the next five years in our corporate behaviour - 

  • Being a pioneering business - we want to create a business model that inspires others to follow our model - 
  • Being a brave business - we want to expand our reach so that more people benefit from our services, products and influencing - 
  • Being a fair business - we want to invest in our people, our customers and in society so that they flourish with us - 
  • Being an open business - we want to be known for providing a first class customer experience and being open to feedback to achieve this - 
  • Being a bold business - we want to change YOUR life and YOUR business for the better


Social Value

It’s all very well talking about how important social value is to us as at First Ark but we’re also clear that we need to be able to demonstrate how we actually do that in practice.  We do that in a number of ways: by measuring and recording the impact we’re having in an innovative set of social accounts and by taking an approach to our procurement which demonstrates how we are keeping the impact of our investments local.

We’re also really proud to have won a number of awards which recognise how much social value matters to us.


In addition to generating social value and social impact we also keep a close watch on other ways in which we are adding value across our business in the ways that really matter to our customers and stakeholders - making every pound go further. Our value for money self-assessment captures the ways in which we add value through new homes and investment, providing affordable homes for rent, optimising asset value and developing innovative procurement approaches – as well as our social impact achievements. Read our Value for Money Self Assessment now, and you can also read our Financial Accounts.