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It’s all about Social Value

It’s all about Social Value

Generating social value is at the core of everything we do so we work on a local and national level to shape economic prosperity and to invest our money where it can really make a difference. We want to work with partners and suppliers with the same commitment so we can make more of a difference.

Measuring Social Value

It’s all very well talking about how important social value is to us as at First Ark but for it to have any meaning we have to show how we achieve it. 

We do that in a number of ways: by measuring and recording the impact we’re having in an innovative set of social accounts; by using a recognised well-being valuation tool which helps us assess the impact of planned projects and by taking an approach to our procurement which demonstrates how we are adding value through our supply chain.


Social Value and Suppliers

All this means that when we look to work with new partners and suppliers we’re keen to know how you can help us create more value.  If this sounds like something which you’re interested in too, have a look at all the resources here and get in touch if you would like to discuss opportunities for working with us.