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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We have a different perspective on how social businesses can create real and lasting economic change and have an impact on the lives of people in their local communities. At First Ark we love sharing our pioneering inventions and ideas and working in collaboration with others to enable real change to happen.

The Social Economy

You’ve probably heard how important social value is to us as a Group and the variety of things we do to make sure we are maximising value to people and the communities we work in. 

The Social Economy is something we feel strongly about and want to contribute to raising the profile of nationally as well as in our local area.  That’s why we joined the Social Economy Alliance in 2013 and are part of that vital campaign to raise the profile of social business and secure a higher level of political commitment to creating the conditions for it to thrive.

We’ve also made a financial investment into the Big Issue Invest Corporate Social Venturing challenge which is supported by the Cabinet Office’s Social Investment Fund. This programme will support and nurture a new generation of high potential social businesses to grow and deliver sustainable social and financial returns.

We’re really passionate about our work on the Social Economy so if you would like to invite us to speak at an event or find out more we would be delighted to talk to you.